Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lawaknyer..joke lagi eh..


Since aku dah abis 1 paper lagi utk hari ni ptg td..huhuhu..sangap gak menjawab td..tambahan plak sambil dengar sayup2 takbir bergema di Masjid Al-Malik Khalid tuu, sambil2 bukak inbox mel so belek2 ape yg patut tetibe terjumpe satu emel kiriman dari seorg teman..lawak seyhh..

A Punjabi lawyer working in UK wrote to his wife in India...

Dear Sunita Darling,

I can't send you my salary this month because the global market crisis has affected my Company's performance, so I am sending 100 kisses. You are my sweetheart, please adjust.

Your loving husband,

His wife replied...


Thanks for the 100 kisses. Below is the list of expenses I paid with the Kisses...:

1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month's milk.

2. The electricity man, Kooldip Singh, agreed not to disconnect only after 7 kisses.

3. Your landlord Kapal Singh comes every day to take 2 or 3 kisses instead of the monthly rent.

4. Supermarket owner Jaswant Singh did not accept kisses only, so I gave him other items, I hope you understand..

5. Miscellaneous expenses 40 kisses.

Please don't worry about me, I still have a balance of 35 kisses and I hope I can survive the month using this balance...
Shall I plan the same for the next month?

Your Sweet Heart,


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